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About Us

Close 2 Home Apps, LLC was founded by Eric and Kirsten Ferguson. Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with significant intellectual and language impairment of all ages, and to support the growing demands faced by the families, care givers, educators, therapists, and support staff working with this population. We are committed to meeting this goal through the creation of apps and online resources that will support effective and meaningful communication, strengthen cognitive skills, provide behavior support, provide developmentally appropriate leisure activities, and offer tools designed to facilitate instruction in the home as well as in the classroom.


Eric is the stepfather of two very special girls with multiple disabilities. He was first introduced to writing software in early elementary school, and has been passionately pursuing it ever since. He graduated with honors from a private engineering school with a B.S. in Computer Engineering, and for more than 12 years has served in various roles ranging from Engineering Manager to Principal Software Architect. Eric has been writing apps for the iPhone and iPad since 2008. His dedication to both his family and his craft fuels the vision and direction of Close 2 Home Apps as he continues to develop elegant and intuitive solutions for individuals with disabilities.


Kirsten is the mother of two very special girls with multiple disabilities. She has a B.A. in elementary education from Long Island University, an M.A. in elementary education from Stony Brook University, and an M.A. in Special Education from St. Joseph's College. Working as a classroom teacher since 1997 she has worked with hundreds of children, both typically developing as well as children with special needs. Her personal experiences raising two severely disabled children, combined with 14 years of classroom experience and extensive formal training, have given her a unique perspective that has laid the foundation for Close 2 Home Apps.

Autumn and Ava are the inspiration behind Close 2 Home Apps. They are 9 and 6 years old. Both are non-verbal with cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor disabilities. They each carry the label of Autism. They have been working with special educators, ABA therapists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists since they were babies. One thing that anyone who has been fortunate enough to have worked with them would say is that these girls have so much to say!

Our first app called So Much 2 Say was originally intended to be a personal communication program for Autumn and Ava. It was designed to be customizable to meet their individual needs. It wasn't long before we began to realize the potential that this app could have for the many individuals like Autumn and Ava whose multiple disabilities make much of the current technology unattainable. So Much 2 Say is a fully customizable augmentative communication app designed specifically for individuals with significant cognitive and language disabilities.

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