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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create cards in So Much 2 Say from a variety of image sources: built-in images that we supply, images you have in your own photo library, or take a picture with the iPad2. The photo library is the easiest way to get existing images into the app, as any pictures you come across can be added to your photo library and then used to create new cards. Google images and Wikimedia Commons can be a great source of pictures to use, and many are available for personal use.

The passcode can be enabled / disabled in 2 places:

  1. from within the app, via the "Edit Menu"
  2. or via the "Settings" app

So, if you don't know the passcode, simply exit the app, launch the "Settings" app, touch So Much 2 Say near the bottom of the list on the left, and slide the on/off switch to off for the "Passcode Enabled" field. Now, with the passcode disabled, re-launch So Much 2 Say and enter edit mode without a passcode. From there, you can change the passcode to something else, or just look to see what it is currently.

Great apps are just a tool. Without the understanding of how to use (and sometimes more importantly, how NOT to use) the tools you have available, your Learner's full potential with the tool may never be fully realized. Therefore, through consultations and feedback from several speech and language pathologists, we have come up with a set of tips and advice to use as a reference when starting to use So Much 2 Say. Check out our Getting Started page for more details.

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