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So Much 2 Say

So Much 2 Say is a picture communication AAC iPad app that is designed specifically for individuals with cognitive and language impairment. With flexible page layout options ranging from a single card per page to multiple pages of categories, So Much 2 Say is well suited to adapt and grow right along side with the Learner. Intuitive configuration options and fast card creation allow for virtually anyone to quickly update and tune So Much 2 Say to best fit the needs of the Learner in multiple settings.

NEW: Drag 'n Drop card sharing from one iPad to another! Now you can copy cards to and from another iPad running So Much 2 Say. Great for teachers, SLP's and OT's working with multiple students, as well as families with more than one individual using the app

New card/category creation in seconds. Have an iPad2? Use the built-in cameras to make cards of new objects on the spot. Or choose from any picture in your own photo library or one of our included images.

Not sure where to begin? Check out our Getting Started page for help tips and insights into how to use So Much 2 Say to get the most out of the learning process.


Drag 'n Drop Card Sharing

Drag 'n Drop cards between multiple iPads running So Much 2 Say

Record your own voice

You can record / re-record your own voice to play when a card is touched.

Flexible layout options

Customize how many cards are visible per page to better match the individual's current ability. Add more as they progress. Change to category-based navigation once basic navigation and differentiation skills are developed.

Create cards 'on-the-spot'

Use built-in camera to create cards instantly, and use them in-session.

Create new cards in seconds!

Quickly create new cards and categories in seconds with a simple 3-step process.

Passcode protected

Protect "Edit Mode" with a 4-digit passcode. Passcode is optional, and can be enabled / disabled wither via "Edit Menu" or via the Settings App.

Great for individuals with:

  • Cognitive and language impairment
  • Non-verbal language disorders
  • Autism
  • Apraxia
  • Dysarthia
  • Parkinson’s
  • ALS
  • Aphasia
  • Stroke complications
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

So Much 2 Say was developed with two distinct classes of users in mind: the Learner and the Administrator. The primary user is the Learner him/herself. The Administrator is one of several people that work with the Learner (i.e. teachers, therapists, parents, other family members, etc.) who make changes to the app’s configuration as the Learner progresses. We believe that both classes of users’ needs must be catered to in order to realize the full potential of the learning process.

Thus, for the Learner, we’ve simplified the interface to the bare necessities: the cards themselves. In it’s simplest form, you have a single card. Touch the card, and you hear a familiar voice, verbalizing what was tapped. As the Learner progresses, more cards can be made visible. Once multiple pages of cards are being routinely accessed, the concept of categories can be introduced, and the Learner can navigate in a more hierarchical fashion.

Now what about the other class of user, the Administrators? This encompasses a wide range of individuals with varying skill levels and time constraints who not only facilitate and participate in the communication exchange, but also need to be able to make changes to the app to support this process. Well, we’ve spent just as much effort trying to make the app as intuitive for them as it is for the Learner. Much care has been taken to streamline every aspect of the configuration process. Un-intuitive tools quickly become unused tools when faced with all of life’s demands on our time.

We thank you for your interest in So Much 2 Say. Please see below for current tutorials and FAQs.

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